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The journey begins

So let me start off by saying I DO NOT HAVE A MILLION DOLLARS! This A chronicle of my journey to a million dollars. Every week I will post what steps I am taking to achieve this goal. And to all the people that just rolled their eyes or considered leaving, you shouldn't because everything I've ever said I was going to achieve I have. I'm too stubborn to fail.

So first things first A little about me and my starting point. I'm a 44 year old male with 50000 dollars in debt. Bucks but I don't regret it just another one of life's tests that determine what you're made of. Also if you visit my blog and are a person trying to get me sign up or spend money don't message me or post I'm not interested.

But if you're someone that wants to make some major life changes and join me on this journey please message and join because it's going to be one he'll of an amazing journey. So to everyone that joins welcome.

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