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Week 2

Well my first official time posting with 7 days in between posts. Let's see what accomplishments did I achieve this week that will move me closer to my goal of becoming a millionaire in 5 years. Well first I took a look at my bank account and did some pondering, I decided to use the scarcity mindset to my advantage. Seeing us as humans seem to be more comfortable and indulgent when we have large sums of money. I decided to create 7 different accounts and split my money into each account therefore creating smaller amounts and triggering me to be more preserving with my money. I also have another account at a different bank that is strictly for saving, I don't even have a bank card for it but every pay cheque I transfer money to it, I call it my emergency fund just in case anything ever happens with my job. The way I divide my money into the other accounts is 25% split into 2 accounts that is want money for each account is for the 2 week pay period. Any money left over at the end of the week is transferred either to investing tfsa or into emergency. 1 account gets 50% which is bills and needs. and the other 4 accounts are divided evenly with the 25% remaining and are not to be touched either they are investing accounts and when they reach 500 are dumped into 1 stock that I research and the rest into etf's.

I also decided that insuring my motorcycle this summer was a cost that was too high for it just to sit in my garage for most of the summer and I only really ride on weekends anyways. So I was discussing with my fiance who also has a bike that just sits in the garage because she didn't get her license. That it would be better for us to start a bike rental business that way someone else would pay for the insurance and payments and we would be able to ride for free when it is not rented. Will be setting up an appointment with a minimum of 3 banks to see what steps have to be taken for this plan to happen. Hopefully we can take the income from it and invest it into a couple of snowmobiles and then have a yearly side income.

And lastly I hired a graphic designer to create logos and t-shirt designs for me so that I can take the designs use my print company to create my clothing and sell to customers without lifting a finger except to create traffic to my online store.

Okay what am I grateful for this week I'm grateful that my eyes were finally opened to the fact that we can be whatever we want to be in this life as long as we believe in ourselves and do the work.

Materials I used to become a better me this week

Fitbod workout app

Secrets of the millionaire mind

Meditation 15 minutes a day while listening to binaural beats

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