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Week 3

Hello, future millionaires how was your time this week? So I've been doing some thinking this week and trying to decide how I want this blog to work and like everything else I have this crazy feeling that it is not going to end up the way that it started. I don't want to sit here and tell you what I did or accomplished in the week because quite frankly I don't think that helps anyone and I don't think people want to read that. So what I'm proposing is that we start a community where we all discuss our triumphs and failures and help each other out because I think we all want a common goal to become rich so that we can experience the freedom that we all deserve.

This week I want to focus on something that most people don't really think about or harness the power of anymore, and that is the power of compounding. Seeing as we live in what I like to call an instant satisfaction society we've all forgotten the importance of compounding, and I don't just mean in the aspect of money I'm talking about everything in life. We all start goals but when we look at the road ahead we all become paralyzed because it looks like such a long journey. But in reality, if we just take that first step and keep taking the steps afterwards it becomes so easy.

One of the instances that I can think of in this aspect that really speaks to me is fitness and health. Think about it how many times have you talked to someone that you care about and they're overweight or out of shape and you tell them they need to get in shape and all they say to you is it's too hard or they don't have time. Fuck I hate when people say they don't have time, that pisses me off because the same people that say they don't have time, are the same people that sit in front of a gaming system or watch Netflix for hours on end. I think the reason that people do that is simply because we are a society that is constantly inundated with the fact we are not enough. I mean think about it facebook, twitter, Instagram are all platforms where we constantly compare ourselves to influencers and hell even people we know. And let's face it phone addiction is a thing I have 2 daughters and let me tell you I don't think I ever see them without their phones, hell I used to be like that now the only time I use my phone is for work which I try to limit to the office, reading which I've been trying to ramp up, and once a day to check on the status of this blog. We should own our phones not the other way around. Anyway I got a little off topic there back to fitness the key is just start and don't watch the scale just let compounding take its course, I guarantee if you set a routine and stick with it results will come just be patient and don't focus on the end of the journey focus on the steps one in front of the other.

Another instance I can think of is self-improvement and a good example of this, is this blog I want it to be a success not because I want to get rich off it (I mean let's be honest if that happens that would be awesome. But to be honest if I never make a penny off this I'll be just as happy). This is only my fourth blog post and already it's becoming easier the words are coming easier and the ideas are just constantly flowing through my head. I'm sure I'll look back at my fourth post when I'm posting my 100th post and be like "What the fuck was I doing?" But that's the thing about compounding as long as you start you'll only get better. Who knows maybe writing is a way I'll go in life, I never really tried it before I was always so scared of what people would think, and I'm super happy I took the first step because I'm really enjoying this now. I'll be totally honest I'm actually a little disappointed with myself because I promised myself I would post every Sunday. I don't know if it was that insecurity coming back up again or just laziness but I'm sitting here on Monday writing this. What I will say is I'm proud of myself because I told the voices to fuck off and here I am writing. I look at it this way the old person I used to be I'm fucking killing and emerging a new person. A better, stronger, smarter, healthier version of myself the superhero version of me.

Money is probably the biggest example of how powerful compounding is so powerful. I mean when I was a teenager my parents always told me to take a percentage of my pay and save it. Fuck I wish I had listened to them but once again I fell into the instant satisfaction mindset and chose happiness in the moment instead of happiness later on. I didn't fully understand the power of compounding when I was younger and that's largely because we are not taught it. We live in a society where we are constantly told if we don't have this or that we are not good enough. So fucking untrue, our worth comes from within and the people that we choose to surround ourselves with. Possessions are great but that's just it, we are supposed to own them, not the other way around which unfortunately is more how it goes nowadays. Think about how many things we buy on credit and then those things end up owning us because now we have to give our time away to pay for them, and if there is one thing I want you to understand money is a man-made construct that we gave meaning to. Time on the other hand is the currency that is irreplaceable and we can't make more of it no matter what we do. So think about this the next time you go to buy something for instant satisfaction or happiness, how much time are you giving up to own it and is it worth it? So back to the power of compounding simply put if you take a percentage of your income and put it in high-interest savings or extremely low-volatility investments with decent return your principal money with generate interest therefore growing the principal and therefor generating more interest, and it just keeps going like that month after month. The key is though keep adding to it with the percentage that you agreed to with yourself be consistent and don't touch it unless you absolutely have to (Lets be honest shit does happen in life and it is your money but if you interrupt the power of compounding you'll have to start over again.)

Okay that's going to be it for me this week just to recap if you start small and keep growing and keep just taking small steps with the power of compounding you will complete the journey so don't focus on the end focus on the journey. You'll most likely get there faster and hell you might even enjoy it.

Please even if you don't want to join my community, if you stop by and read these posts leave a comment. I don't care if you think the posts are shit and I suck, voice it because it'll only help me to make this blog better and in the end that's all I really want.

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